Amazing Features

Easy to Use

It is so easy. Download app, follow your friends, share fist poll and enjoy it


Users and companies can get their target audience by using Addpoll

Beautiful Design

We removed useless details and it is too easy to make a choice


More Features

Follow your friends

Search your friends and follow them. Help them to choose

Search Tag

By searching tags, you can get known existing polls in these tags all over the world

Location and World

You can also see the public polls of the people, who share the same location or all over the world

Family Group

So your family get notification, when you make any poll.

Share Polls

You can also share your polls to facebook, instagram, twitter, google+


You will can send message to your follower

Coming Soon

Quick View

“Voterpoll” is social platform application. Through this application users create personal account and share 2 pictures for voting. Followers of vote by creator choose one of them by commenting and liking. Users can get opinions of users in their country or world when they have to decide.
We are creating VotePoll application now. Please, wait. Our project will be able at 3 platforms soon. App store, Play store and Windows store.
It is easy. If you have facebook account then you will use facebook registration or click "sign in" and create your votepoll account.
Yes, you are also use to Addpoll network. What is Addpoll? Addpoll is social advertisement network. You will use "boost poll" and set your target audience. Users and companies can get their target audience by using Addpoll.

Innovative Team

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    Altay Aliyev
    Chief technical officer
  • User
    Farid Pardashunas
  • User
    Joshgun Abilzada
    UI Designer
  • User

    It is my great pleasure to know Votepoll's team as very professional,motivated and responsible one. They have always demonstrated themselves in positive and innovative way,they are brave to face any challenges,easy to adopt to any changes, with great ability to show good results and gain popularity. I have high expectations for this project and believe they will achieve success in a very short time.

    - Fidan Tofidi
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    A true spirit of winners. No complaints but only consistent work and sincere trust based relationship which supports and leverages this team. I believe in their bright future.

    - Imran Baghirov

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